As battery scooties become increasingly popular as a mode of urban transportation, the need for convenient charging stations is growing.

Locating nearby charging stations is essential for ensuring you can recharge your scooty when needed, especially during longer rides or when exploring unfamiliar areas. This guide provides tips and resources for finding battery scooty charging stations near you.

1. Online Maps and Apps

Numerous online maps and mobile apps specialize in locating electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, including those suitable for battery scooties. Some popular options include:

  • PlugShare: PlugShare is a comprehensive platform that maps EV charging stations worldwide, including those compatible with battery scooties. Users can filter results by plug type, network, and amenities.
  • ChargePoint: ChargePoint offers a network of EV charging stations with an interactive map available on their website and mobile app. They also provide real-time availability and status updates.
  • Electrify America: Electrify America operates a network of fast-charging stations primarily for electric vehicles but may offer charging options suitable for battery scooties in some locations.

2. Scooty Manufacturer Apps

Many battery scooty manufacturers provide dedicated mobile apps that offer features such as GPS tracking, diagnostics, and, in some cases, charging station location services.

Check if your scooty manufacturer has a mobile app available for download and explore its features to see if it includes charging station information.

3. Local EV Charging Networks

In addition to national or international charging networks, many cities and regions have their own EV charging infrastructure managed by local authorities or organizations.

Explore local government websites, transportation departments, or environmental agencies for information on EV charging stations available in your area.

4. Community Forums and Groups

Online forums and social media groups dedicated to electric scooty enthusiasts can be valuable resources for finding charging stations and sharing tips and recommendations.

Join relevant groups on platforms like Reddit, Facebook, or specialized forums to connect with other riders and exchange information about charging station locations.

5. Public Amenities and Businesses

Battery scooty charging stations are increasingly being installed at public amenities such as parks, libraries, shopping centers, and tourist attractions.

Additionally, some businesses may offer charging facilities for customers or employees. Keep an eye out for charging stations while exploring your city or town and inquire at local businesses about charging options.

6. Plan Ahead

When embarking on a longer ride or traveling to a new area, plan your route in advance and identify charging stations along the way.

Consider factors such as the distance between stations, charging speed, and amenities available nearby. Planning ahead can help ensure you have access to charging when needed and avoid running out of power unexpectedly.


Finding battery scooty charging stations near you is essential for maintaining the convenience and flexibility of electric scooter transportation.

By utilizing online maps and apps, exploring local networks, connecting with community resources, and planning ahead, you can easily locate charging stations and enjoy uninterrupted rides on your battery scooty. Keep these tips in mind and stay charged up for your next adventure!

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